Addressing the participants of the 60th anniversary summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), Serbian FM Nikola Selakovic urged solidarity and said the NAM member states were freedom-loving nations that respected the values enshrined in the UN Charter.

In a closing speech on Tuesday evening, Selakovic thanked the attendees for coming to the Belgrade summit and for contributing to “something that shows that this is the stronger part of the world and the humanity.”

“We are freedom-loving nations. We respect the values defined in the UN Charter and we are committed to the Bandung Principles and to the Belgrade Declaration from 60 years ago,” Selakovic said.

He said the participants had shown solidarity, and added that “that is what we need.”

“I would like all of you to feel at home here because this is the birthplace of the movement,” Selakovic noted.

“Peaceful coexistence is important – that is what connected the founders of the movement: Nehru, Nasser, Sukarno and Tito,” Selakovic concluded.

Recapping the two-day summit, Azerbaijani FM Jeyhun Bayramov, whose country chairs the NAM, said the participants had recalled the noble goals set by the movement’s founders 60 years ago, such as promotion of peaceful coexistence and sustainable development of countries in line with the Bandung Principles and without siding with any bloc.

He said the participants had taken stock of the current crises in the world, pointing to the significance of the spirit of multilateralism, international cooperation and solidarity as a solution to problems.

At the same time, the summit called for removal of “unjust obstacles” restricting vaccine exports amid the coronavirus pandemic, Bayramov said.


Source: Tanjug